Youth Services

The Lions identify and support local programs which involve youth

The Lions support youth programs that demonstrate three required attributes:

  1. The program is of a nature that will help youth to develop into healthy, well-adjusted adults;
  2. The program has effective adult leadership that will help meet the first attribute and;
  3. The youth participating in the program are actively involved in a wholesome way, enjoy it and will probably miss it when it they leave.


The Lions provide support to several Boy and Girl Scout troops in Bel Air.

Harford Teen Court

The Harford County Teen Court is a voluntary diversion program that is used to resolve misdemeanor offenses without requiring intervention by the Department of Juvenile Services.  Members of the Lions of Bel Air volunteer their time as mentors to the high school students serving as jury members.

High school clubs and sports

The Lions directly donate to support several high school sports teams and other school clubs. The Lions also photograph these teams and clubs for their exclusive use.

Bel Air Explorers

The Lions promote and support several activities of the Bel Air Explorers including an annual Bingo night fund raiser.

Bel Air Child safety day

Each fall, the Lions lead a day at Shamrock Park focused on child safety including bicycling and safe car seats.

Community Service Scholarship Program

The Lions, through the Bel Air Lions Foundation, promote the spirit of community service in our youth. Each spring the Lions Foundation provides college scholarships to local high school students who have demonstrated a commitment to community service throughout their high school career.