Sight Conservation Services

Preventing blindness wherever possible and aiding those in need of visual assistance

In keeping with one of the oldest missions of the Lions around the world, our commitment is to prevent blindness wherever possible and to aid those in need of seeing assistance.

Sight Screening

We perform vision (and hearing) screening tests in local elementary schools in the greater Bel Air community.

Store and maintain sight and hearing equipment (audiometers) for testing vision and hearing.

Eye Glasses for the Needy

Provide financial assistance for sight (glasses) and hearing (aides/prosthetics) to those needing assistance through local optical and hearing retailers & physicians.

Eye Glasses Recycling

Lions collect and store used glasses primarily through local optical retailers and the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and participate in sorting them for reuse at the MD School for the Blind.

Lions (LVRF) Low vision Research Foundation

The primary purpose of the Lions Vision Research Foundation (LVRF) is to support low vision research and rehabilitation to minimize the disabilities caused by low vision and blindness. The objectives of the LVRF are being met through its partnership with the Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center (LVC) at the Wilmer Eye Institute of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, Maryland. The Bel Air Lions provide financial support to the LVRF. Many local residents have benefited from these services.

Leader Dogs

The Bel Air Lions, along with Lions across the county, provide financial support to “Leader Dogs for the Blind”, a national independent foundation. This Foundation is dedicated to providing dogs to assist the visually impaired with safe movement.