Health & Welfare Services

Serving those needing help in meeting health challenges

Physical, Mental, Social and Economic Wellbeing

Lions provide assistance to promote the physical, mental, social and/or economic wellbeing of individuals, groups of individuals or other organizations that also provide similar assistance. Currently, Lions support the community through funding to provide shelter, nourishment and medical assistance.

Medical Loan Closet

Insurance does not always cover everything that is required to help assist with every facet of daily life when an individual is faced with a medical crisis. We can help. If you are facing an issue with a family member or loved one that is having a health issue, the Bel Air Lions can provide assistance. The Loan Closet has available hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, toiletry items and other like equipment. These items are distributed throughout the community free of charge with only the request that the items be returned when no longer needed. We also accept donations of this equipment and re-distribute those donations back out to the greater Bel Air area. For information on the “loan closet” or to contact us for help, email