Making A Difference

Lions Medical Loan Closet

The Lions loan closet was requested to provide a hospital bed to a veteran in the Bel Air community. We contacted him and made arrangements to deliver the bed. Upon our arrival, we found that he was living on his own and doing well other than for his sleeping accommodations. For about a year, he had been sleeping in a reclining chair. He said it was a little tedious getting in and out, but he could sleep. A regular bed, even with propped up pillows, was a difficult challenge to get to sleep. We set up the bed and made sure it was set for him to easily get in and out. He was so thankful. Several months later we happened to see him out shopping. He said he could not believe how much difference the bed made. He had more energy and he was able to go outside and do more.

Lions Helping the Visually Impaired

Throughout the year, the Bel Air Lions continue to collects hundreds of eyeglasses throughout the community. These eyeglasses are donated by local citizens and are collected the multiple collection boxes throughout the community. Once collected, the eyeglasses are sorted, cleaned and measured to be sent overseas to individual where eye care and eyeglasses are in short supply.

The Lions provide assistance for vision exams and eyeglasses for local citizens in need. Over the past year, twenty citizens have contacted the Lions for help. Working with social workers and area churches, once a need has been established, our club provides vouchers for individuals to receive eye care and eyeglasses. Ryan, age 21, was one such individual. After contacting the Bel Air Lions, he was able to receive needed eyeglasses to allow him to see clearly as he had just started a new job in Towson. He was having difficulty driving to work and functioning effectively. He hopes to continue to taking classes at Harford Community College this fall and truly appreciates the eyewear and support from the Lions.

Vision/Hearing Screenings

This past January, Lions from Bel Air and across Harford County provided sight screening services to individuals and families in Harford County facing homelessness.  This was the third Project Homeless Connect sponsored by the United Way of Central Maryland, Harford County.  Participants get to know their volunteer guides and receive services that can put them on the path to self-sufficiency.

Lions worked with optometrists and sight professionals from several eye care companies including Advanced Eye Care and My Eye Dr to provide non-dilated vision exams and pressure checks to over 100 participants. Working together, the vision team provided dozens of prescription eye glasses along with readers.  They also identified participants in need of additional medical follow up for such sight stealing diseases as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.